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Dear colleagues and friends,

China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) is the national industry organization representing the voices of the industry and serving the development of the industry. On behalf of CPCIF, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you from all over the world for attending the 2021 (9th) Asia Downstream Technology & Markets Conference, which will be held in Shanghai on December 1-2.

As the leading platform to exchange cutting-edge information, leading technologies and strategy views, the conference has attracted increasing numbers of experts and delegates with ever deepening discussion and expanding cooperation along the supply chain. Thus, ADTMC is enjoying the reputation and recognition throughout the industry since its first launch in 2011.

According to the requirements of China's carbon emission goal, the development trend of switching to low-carbon energy is gradually clear. During the 14th FYP period, China's energy and chemical industry will enter a period of industry integration, transformation and upgrading, and the focus of industry development will be to accelerate structural adjustment and achieve high-quality development. For the industry, the important topic is to figure out how to adjust and optimize the resource chain, industrial chain and value chain from a strategic perspective. For enterprises, the need of continuous innovation to improve efficiency and promote the sustainability for a healthy growth cycle is the key to be in an invincible position in the future competition.

Themed as “Development path & Technology of Energy Industry under Low-carbon Target”, the conference is aiming to create a platform where the leading international technology providers may exchange views with oil and gas manufacturers to discuss the latest solutions to extension of petrochemical value chain, along with the know-how to improve industry performance, and propelling transition & upgrading and sustainable development of the industry, thus promote the low-carbon and future-orientated development of energy industry.

We thank our sponsors for their vital support, brain-trust for their professional advices, speakers for providing thoughtful and presentations and finally all the delegates, for attending. We hope you find the conference to be a successful and worthwhile event.

I hope this Conference can help the industry with challenges ahead with all your kindly support. We look forward to meeting you on November 16th.


China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation


China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

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